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Erik S. Peterson has been working in color printing and digital imaging for two decades. He spent five years making custom Cibachrome, Ilfochrome and black-and-white prints in traditional darkrooms and over five years as a lead digital imaging specialist (scanning images and providing color correction and editing in Photoshop). He managed the technical aspects of a Chromira (photographic) printer and Roland and Epson giclée (inkjet) printers, supervised work on a Lightjet (photographic) printer, and managed the computer networks at professional printmaking labs. He has experience with the image requirements of web design, and has custom-built computers and networks for digital imaging work.

To contact Erik regarding digital image and printmaking consulting or purchasing his images, please email Erik at Erik S. Peterson's initials at cruzio dot com. You can usually reach him by phone at 831.234.5242.

Erik has assisted several photographers and artists in digital preparations for Open Studios, and participated in Open Studios himself for the first time in 2009.

Have a pleasant day.

Erik S. Peterson
Digital Imaging and Printmaking Consultant

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Erik S. Peterson's initials at cruzio dot com
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